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Anonymous sent: are you still going to b1a4's chicago concert???

Yep :D Are you going too? 

Found exactly what my room was missing at the fair ♥ #southkorea #flag #secondhome
My books for the semester! SOOOOOO excited to start @@ #college #asianlanguageandliterature #universityofminnesota
Views from campus :) #umn #universityofminnesota #twincities
#peppers #nofilter #photography
안녕 대한민국! 다시 또 봐요. 
Goodbye Korea, I will see you again! 
This has been the best 11 months of my life. I thand God for leading me here and blessing me with all the amazing people I met and opportunities I had. He’ll bring me back again soon :) I can’t thank everyone I met during this trip enough! You guys are a special part of my life and I hope we meet again ^^ 

Family and friends, I’ll see you soon!
Back to America

Leaving tonight at 5:15. Sorry to just spring this all on you, it’s really just sinking in for me.

Well, need to finish packing

찜딹 @@ chicken with glass noodles #southkorea #koreanfood