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SUNSET AT SEOUL by Daeyeon Joo
😘 #selca
Anonymous sent: I'm from st. paul minnesota, are in enrolled in a university in the state before studying abroad in south korea? I really want to study aboard in south korea as well, what do you recommend?

Yep. I studied abroad through my college, that’s the easiest way to do it 

Anonymous sent: You are soo cool! :D :D How old are you? You're christian, and you like kpop and Korea. Just wanted to say that to you, awesome person, haha.

Awww thank you >< I’m turning 25 on Friday

park-jinyoung sent: Ahh wow okay I really hope you make it! You're basically living every fan girl's dream xD. I'm sorry that your journey is ending so soon! But it's been super cool seeing how you've been learning so much and following God's calling. As a fellow Christian I've been really encouraged! I hope your last few days are amazing ones :)

They were a bit stressful but I’m so thankful for every second I had here. Thank you so much ^^

phantomtraveler sent: Hey I was just wondering about you this afternoon and now I see you on my dash! Haha are you still in Korea? I remembering reading ALL of your posts a few months ago and being SO inspired by it. It's funny cuz now my friends and I are actually planning a trip to SK (omfg i cant believe it) for next year and I think reading your blog kind of helped a little, you know maybe it attracted my dream to reality? I don't know if I explain myself hahah. Hope you're doing well honey<3!

No, I had to come back the end of July to finish college. If everything goes well I’ll be back in Korea in 2 years ^^ 

Ahhh I’m so excited for you guys! it’s going to be an amazing time! Thank you for such a sweet message 

If you tickle me, I’ll punch you



How many times have you uttered the phrase “tickle me and you will die”? Okay, maybe you are not as violent as I am but there have definitely been times where you threatened or raised your voice to a person who was either going to or already was tickling you. But of course,…


learning languages is so weird like you’re literally just learning how to make a different set of noises at people than the ones you usually make